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The GMSAA is following along with the GHSA.  Each Member School should follow the COVID-19 guidelines in place with their School District and/or High School Football program.  Each School District may be more restrictive than the GHSA guidelines.   Below is what the GMSAA is following:  

1) Intra-squad competitions (7-on-7) with use of football are allowed but competition between schools is illegal.

2) Groups are not limited in numbers, but teams should consider limiting groups as much as feasibly possible.   

3) Football Helmets only start on Monday, August 3.   See the GMSAA Calendar for full pads and practice guidelines. 

4) Mask or face covering is highly encouraged for Coaching Staff, Parents and Volunteers to wear.  Let's do our part to help slow the spread of Covid-19. 

5) Social distancing should be adhered to as much as possible.


  • Verify with your High School Football Coach since your School District may be more restrictive.
  • Be aware of your weather conditions. Review the Heat and Humidity policy in place. Follow the high school written policy for conducting practices during times of extremely high heat and/or humidity.
  • Hydration should start way before your athlete attends workouts. Drink water before, during and after workouts. Each athlete should have their own personal water bottle. Do not share water bottles between athletes.  
  • There is no competition allowed between schools.
  • To participate, each member school should have the parent read and sign the Covid-19 Participation Waiver Form. (Print Form from GMSAA Home Page)
  • It is recommended that  the parent screen and temperature check their athlete prior to each workout as outlined below.

 Parent / Player Screening questions:

  • Do you or have you had a fever?
  • Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19?
  • Have you had a cough?
  • Have you had a sore throat?
  • Have you had shortness of breath?
  • Have you had a recent loss of taste or smell?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19? 
  • Have you traveled to a “hot spot” for COVID-19? 

If a player answers “Yes” to any question, they should be sent home. They should not be allowed to return for 14 days or when the symptoms no longer exist - whichever is longer. However, they may return sooner with verification of a negative COVID-19 test or a release from your physician. 

Again, a parent should check with your player before they leave home.  If a player does not feel well or you answer “Yes” any of the above questions, please have them stay home until the symptoms no longer exist.

Although not required, masks/face covering are allowed if the parent feels it is necessary for their athlete to wear. 

Once practice is over, players must leave the facility and maintain social distancing.   

If a parent is dropping off – make sure you have notified the coach prior. You must be on time to pick up your player. 

Remember, our programs are made up of voluntary coaching staff, team moms, team administrators, equipment personnel and many, many more parent volunteers. All those volunteers are necessary to help make sure our return to workouts goes without an incident.  Member programs must communicate with your parents and players prior to participating in voluntary practice.  Recommendations and restrictions are fluid and subject to change. Safety must be our top priority.