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Football Parents & Players (Grades 6-8)

Cat Card August 3rd

9am to Noon

Coaches and Team Parents this coming Saturday is one of our most important for the season (AUGUST 3rd)  This is the weekend we have the opportunity to put needed cash into the program and gives some of the parents who need financial assistance the opportunity to help pay their fees and take some pressure off them and you. 

For those who are new to the program here is what a Cat Card is –  Businesses in the Wheeler School district participate by allowing us to sell their services at a discount price and by purchasing the card you can walk into these businesses for the next year and receive discounts by showing this card and these businesses include





Mazzi’s  Sports bar to name a few

These cards will sell for $20 each and each player will have a minimum of 5 per to sell ($100 total)  Here is where is gets really good. 

For  those players and parents who need/want money to either help pay their dues or back in the pockets for every Cat Card they sell after 5 that family(player or parent) will receive $10 that either help pay their dues or if a parent has payed full price they will get that money back (or can donate, their choice)

So to make it simple after the first 5 cat cards are sold players/parents will get 50% of all cards sold after that.  You can also take these cards and sell them at work and to family as well. 

Please feel free to contact David Oden because your participation  is vital for this event. 

Thank you.