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Mandatory Read

This page was set up for our parents to give them guidance and information about the Wheeler Junior Football program.  I (Rodney Carlock) as the athletic director , am excited about the direction our program is headed in terms of the way we coach and teach our players and the cohesiveness of all 3 grades practicing and playing in-sync.  We are putting some of the best and brightest football minds together and sharing all of our knowledge to give our players not only the best possible advantage on Saturdays but making sure this is one of their best experiences in middle school.  Please read our rules below, as all will be strictly enforced. 

1)  When the season starts we will not allow parents at practice, you will only be allowed to drop off your child and to pick them up.

2)  We will not allow parents on the sideline unless they are working the chains - no more "Team Parents".

3)  We will expect each parent to give a minimum 8 hours of volunteer time (we will provide your options at a later date).

4)  These rules will be strictly enforced for players:

a)  If a player misses practice without a legitimate excuse, that player will have to sit the 1st quarter of a Saturday game.  If a player misses 2 practices, that player will have to sit out the first half.  If a player misses all 3 practices that week, that player cannot play on Saturday.

b)  Players will not use foul language at any time - even if it's meant with no harm.  That player will be given a warning first, then asked to leave practice if the behavior continues.  If it is a continual occurrence, we will involve the parents. 

5)  If a player comes to practice every day, that player will get extensive playing time on Saturday.  Our goal is to develop players. 

6) Parent conduct is crucial in any program and ours is no different.  We encourage our parents to be enthusiastic and encouraging, but we will not tolerate any verbal abuse to our coaches, players or other parents.  We expect you to represent Wheeler Junior Football the same way you would want us to represent the players.  If your conduct is unacceptable, you will be given a warning.  If it continues and we feel you are detrimental to the program, we will ask you to leave.  

Our goal is to set the tone early so there are no misunderstandings in the future.  Please remember that you can always speak to me (Rodney)  on any issues involving the program - including player development.   You will not be allowed to approach any of our coaches,  as their job will be to coach your son to the best of his abilities and get them to enjoy the game of football.  Thank you again for being part of the Wheeler Football Family.